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How to Cross Stitch

When I first began telling my friends that I was opening up a digital cross stitch chart store, the most common response I would get was "That's so awesome! I wish I knew how to cross stitch!"

After a certain number of people told me that they loved my charts but didn't know how to use them, I decided to help everyone by using one of my greatest strengths - breaking down a lot of information into manageable morsels.

So, when I made this store, I wrote a series of blog posts explaining the bits of cross stitch that you might not know in small sections for you to absorb. Each week, I publish a new morsel and link to it from here. That way, you can choose the sections you need or read them all! (If it's not linked yet, that means it's coming! You should sign up for my mailing list to know when a new post is published!)

  1. The Cloth
  2. The Needles
  3. Hoops vs Frames
  4. The Floss
  5. The Strands
  6. Reading a Chart
  7. Prepping the Cloth
  8. Making the Cross Stitch
  9. Making the Back Stitch
  10. French Knots
  11. Fixing errors
  12. Framing or Mounting your Cross Stitch
  13. Cross Stitching on Linen
  14. Advanced Embroidery Stitches
  15. Stitches with Metallic or unusual floss