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Your Digital Files

What happens when you buy Digital Charts from Atypical Stitches?

Our Digital Files are in transition!

When you order a Digital chart, you'll either get a .pdf or .zip file. Read on to find out what that means and how to use it

When I began Atypical Stitches, I used a cross stitch program that was low cost, and it did a great job for my first designs. Then, when that program stopped being supported, I started using a new program and rapidly discovered that the quality of my PDF charts soared!

So I started transitioning every chart I'd ever created into that format.

It took a little longer than I thought. Now, however, the developers of my software are offering an iOS application to mark your charts. This has a lot of advantages

Take your charts with you on the go

Pick which icon types you prefer

Clear a chart and start agin.

That means another update!

It also means that there's a new file format (.chart) to provide to you, which means that the file conversion project got paused. It was much faster to just re-export the files I'd already converted than create the files and make them into both a PDF and the proprietary format. See, because their app is currently only on iOS, I'll continue to provide PDFs so everyone can cross stitch. That's the whole idea of Atypical Stitches anyway!

I've now completed moving all converted files into .zip formats, and have proceeded to re-creating the others.

So, as I convert the files, I'll be providing .zip files filled with a PDF, a .chart file, and a read me .txt file to explain how to use the files. Just double click it on most computers, and you'll have access to all these.

What if I already have a PDF?

The software I use for digital distribution automatically emails everyone who has purchased a design when I upload a new version of the file. So, when your digital chart is updated, you'll be notified. If you already have the app in question, email to request a .chart file to use

Have a new file type?

Visit the iOS App Store to download the app now!