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Custom Cross Stitch Charts

One of the greatest things about designing my own cross stitch charts is that I can make a chart of anything for anyone.

The worst thing is that I'm not licensed to publicly sell a lot of characters that many people would like to see. Until I can get some legal advice on how to do that, I can sell you a custom chart privately. This page is to answer some questions you might have about custom cross stitch charts. If your question isn't answered here, feel free to contact me directly for answers.

  1. What's a custom cross stitch chart?
    Just what you'd expect - a digital chart that's designed to your specifications. I take all the same time and care with individual charts as I do with charts I plan to sell. You'll get a branded chart that's easily read with your design on it.
  2. What can go on a custom cross stitch chart?
    Just about anything! If you're an artist and would like one of your pieces in cross stitch? I'll make it! Want a personalized baby cross stitch? Of course! Favourite character in a video game? Why not? Send me a file with what you want, and I'll make you a chart, if I can.
  3. If you can? What does that mean?
    Well, if you send me something that's so blurry I can't figure out what it is, I'm probably going to ask for clarification. I'm not easy to offend (which you can probably tell by the mature section), so at this very naive state of creating custom cross stitch, I'm going to say send it to me! If you somehow manage to offend me so deeply that I cannot make you a cross stitch, I will contact you and see if you'd like something else or a refund. That's the best I can do.
  4. How fast will I have it?
    The fastest I've ever made a chart by special request was 4 hours. I had no other projects ahead of that, and I was really in the groove. I wouldn't expect your chart that quickly. At this time, I'm going to set the expectation of "within 72 hours of your order." Your chart will be delivered to the email you provide during your customer creation. I will email you if there are any further delays.
  5. Why is there a file upload on the custom order page?
    Originally, I thought of putting a comment box where you would describe what you wanted, but I decided that most people would like to send me a picture of what they want. If you want to tell me what you want and have me work it out, that's fine, but your creation may take up to an additional 72 hours as there will be a proofing process.
  6. Will my finished cross stitch look exactly like my picture?
    It will look as close as it can. As you can see from my catalogue that an image is never 100% converted, especially if it's small. The smaller the chart, the harder the edges. The larger the chart, the more exact it'll look. If you want photorealism, you're going to want a large chart. If you want something that looks like a cross stitch, you'll want a medium or small chart. When I contact you after your order, I'll attempt to make sure you have the right expectation.
  7. What kind of files do you accept?
    I strongly suggest .png files as they are the clearest, but I will accept any image format. If you want only text, I suggest saving the document as a PDF so that you preserve the exact font and sizing you'd like. If you send me a description, I still recommend PDF as that is the most universal. Always err on the side of "too big" when sending me an image or a document.
  8. What's the proofing process?
    If you send me a description of what you'd like, the first thing I'll do is create an image for you. I'll send you that image and ask you to comment on it. For each draft of the proof, the process will take an additional 24-48 hours. That means, I'll keep working until you're happy. Once you're happy with the image, I'll convert it to a chart and you'll be on your way!
  9. Why do you ask if you can sell the image?
    I'm always looking for new ideas! If you give me an idea that I can use in the store, I'd love to use it. In return, I'll send you a coupon to get 50% off 2 items in my store to use at any time.
  10. Why am I charged extra for saying no?
    If you want to keep your chart exclusive to you, that's fine. I'm happy to keep it as yours (though if it's a public image, you should be aware that more people might request it), and your chart will even say "For the exclusive use of [Your Name Here]" on it. The reason I charge more is that I do put a lot of time into the creation of the charts, and I feel like I should be paid for my time. If you give me permission to sell designs I like, I end up getting paid for my time with residual sales.
  11. Can I sell or give my custom chart to other people to use?
    If you want to give the chart I make to you to others, that's fine. You gave me the idea and paid me for it. If you'd like to sell it, please contact me, and we'll work something out. As a default, all of my charts have a copyright notice on the bottom of the title page to prevent people from profiting off my work. I won't remove that off custom charts (even exclusive ones) for fear of someone buying a chart from me and selling it at a profit. If you'd like to carry any of my charts as a retailer, please contact me.
  12. What if I don't like it?
    Contact me immediately, and I will fix what's wrong. If I can't, I'll refund your money.